I am interested in various topics in macroeconomics and development economics. My primary research interest at present concerns the asset pricing implication of macroeconomic policy, in particular the theoretical link between policy and financial markets in various New Keynesian models.

My current working papers are:

My current work in progress includes papers on the following topics

  • “Twist and Shift – Non-Linear Labour Dynamics in DSGE Models with Nominal Rigidities”
  • “Intensive vs Extensive Labour Margins – What Matters for Macroeconomic Asset Pricing?”
  • “Using LAMP Models to Counter Inflexible Labour in Macroeconomic Asset Pricing”
  • “LAMP Models and Macroeconomic Dynamics in Developing Economies”
  • “Local Interaction, Global Dynamics – Neighbourhoods and DSGE Models”

I will upload versions of these papers in due course.